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Netgear Business Central

Manage Your Network Effortlessly

Business Central offers an easy-to-use, affordable, cloud-based way to establish, provide and manage key IT networking services.

Manage Your Entire WiFi Network. Anytime, Anywhere.

Centralize and simplify WiFi service set-up and management across one, dozens, or even thousands of sites. Take the hassle out of managing multiple locations independently by bringing all of your wireless access points and users under one management umbrella, all in minutes.

One View, Multiple Possibilities

Business Central Wireless Manager lets you set the boundaries of your network. A single dashboard gives you a transparent management view of service status, utilization, and performance metrics.

Complete Management Control At Your Fingertips





With a few clicks, set system-wide wireless service parameters, provide guest access, and run bandwidth usage reports. Alternatively, set unique services by location, WiFi network, and/or access point just as easily.


Real-time alerts keep you in total control from day one. Every location, WiFi network, and access point is monitored for service up-time and overall performance. Get instant insights into peak periods, heavy usage areas, and total number of client connections.


With automated push alerts, get instant notifications for service alarms and easily view log reports for ongoing maintenance requirements. Allow firmware updates for all access points with one click, or let automated system-driven updates do it for you.


Fee-based or free access options allow you to generate income, return on investment, and monetize WiFi access. Delivering a higher level of service, with regulated bandwidth, gives you total control to offer a differentiated customer service experience.


Additional Features To Help You Manage Your Business

  • No need to purchase or maintain hardware
    No need to purchase or maintain hardware

    Everything is cloud-based and secure, making for easier and faster deployment. No need to install, configure, or maintain hardware.

  • Flexible, pay as you go licensing
    Flexible, pay as you go licensing

    Add and remove network access points when required. Optimize your IT budget and only pay for what you need, when you need it.

  • Zero additional hosting required
    Zero additional hosting required

    No need for separate software or on-premise hosting. Connect any location for a simple, centrally managed wireless network.

  • Ongoing telephone support
    Ongoing telephone support

    Provided as standard for all customers with on-going active licenses. Benefit from no hidden charges or support contracts to sign.

  • One date for licensing renewals
    One date for licensing renewals

    Know when all of your licenses will expire, without having to remember the number of access points or when they were connected.

  • Single sign-on with mynetgear.com
    Single sign-on with mynetgear.com

    Simplify registration and support for all your NETGEAR products and services by keeping them under one roof.

In-House Or Outsourced Management

For managed service providers, multi-tenancy capability supports managed WiFi as a service - ideal for customers wishing to outsource WiFi management to focus on their businesses while still meeting service expectations.

Support Bandwidth Intensive Multi-Media Services With 802.11ac

For video streaming and multi-media applications with dense client connections, Business Central Wireless Manager supports 11ac and legacy WiFi connections. Video streaming and multi-media applications with dense client connections still deliver the fastest performance possible.

Business Central

Take Business Central For A Free, No Obligation Test Drive

Try Business Central Wireless Manager free for 90 days. Sign up for your free account and activate any supported ProSAFE® Cloud enabled access points to utilize the full service.

Try It Free

No commitments. No contracts to sign.

Getting Started Is As Easy As 1-2-3

  1. Sign up for your free account

  2. Set up your wireless service and location parameters

  3. Assign compatible Cloud Access Points to your account and connect

Choose Your Preferred Connection Solution From These Cloud Compatible Access Points

  • WAC730

    High performance 11ac dual band for dense client deployments. Speeds up to 1.7Gbps

  • WAC720

    Entry level 11ac dual band for dense client deployments. Speeds up to 1.2Gbps

  • WNDAP660

    High performance 11n dual band radio. Speeds up to 900Mbps

  • WNDAP360

    Performance based 11n dual band radio. Speeds up to 600Mbps

  • WNDAP350

    Ruggedized footprint 11n dual band radio. Speeds of up to 600Mbps

  • WNAP320

    Enhanced level 11n. Speeds up to 300Mbps

  • WNAP210v2

    Entry level 11n. Speeds up to 300Mbps

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